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The Truth and Reconciliation Commission draws on the seven sacred teachings in the work of truth-gathering, truth-telling, and reconciliation.

Just as the symbolism of the seven sacred teachings is represented in the TRC logo, these themes are also drawn upon for the 7 National Events. The theme of the Northern National Event is inspired from the teaching of Courage.

In the seven sacred teachings, Courage is represented by the Bear which offers many lessons by the way it lives. The Bear is the symbol of courage. It is also synonymous with strength. Indeed, strength and courage go hand in hand.

The teaching of the Bear reflects the courage of Residential School survivors and their families. Survivors show their courage by sharing their truth, and in doing so, find their strength.

Though gentle by nature, Bears can be very courageous if need be.

In some teachings, the bear is also known as the teacher and the protector. While the bear can show us how to have the strength to overcome our fears, it also reminds us that we are supported and protected in doing so.

In the North, there are three types of Bears: Polar Bear, Grizzly Bear and Black Bear.

Through this event, the courage and resilience of residential school survivors and their families will be shared with Canadians from coast to coast to coast.