Expressions of Reconciliation

Since the establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission individuals, communities and corporations have demonstrated their support for the work of the TRC and for Survivors by offering various gestures and expressions of reconciliation.

Collective expressions of reconciliation took place at the first National Event held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in June 2010. Expressions of reconciliation have continued to occur on a daily basis – whether it is on an individual basis or a community level, people are actively engaged in working towards reconciliation.

On an individual level, people have volunteered their time and services to assist with community organized events. On a community level, one community has come together to affect positive change to collectively eradicate racism while another, the City of Toronto, passed a Statement of Commitment to Aboriginal Peoples. Such gestures are exceptional expressions of working towards reconciliation.

See the following ideas on how to become involved in the reconciliation movement: