Project of Heart

Project of Heart was created by a teacher, Sylvia Smith , in Ottawa, Ontario to commemorate the lives of the thousands of Indigenous children who died as a result of the residential school experience. Since the inception of the project over one hundred schools from across Canada have implemented Project of Heart in their own classrooms.Find out more


Yesterday I had the privilege of participating in a sharing circle for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. A few years ago, our government apologized to our First Nations people for the injustice that had been done for generations, when young children were taken away from their families and forced to live in residential schools. These circles offer all of us an opportunity to seek healing as a country.Read more

You may want to:

  • Volunteer your time and/or services to a community event.

  • Donate to the Survivors Travel fund to attend National Events

  • Educate and inform yourself on the Residential School System and its impact by attending a community and/or national event.

  • Sign ujp for the virtual ribbon campaign “It Matters to Me” Twibbon– show the world that truth and reconciliation are important to you.

  • Organize a book club with a truth and reconciliation theme. Select books that educate and inform about the Residential School system as well as create a dialogue for reconciliation.

  • Lobby for national recognition of June 11th as Reconciliation Day.

  • Lobby for changes to the elementary school curriculum to include information on the Residential School System, its impact as well as the inclusion of Aboriginal heroes
    – highlighting Aboriginal peoples’ contributions to this country and internationally.